High School & Junior High

What is the Calvary Chapel Youth ministry?

Calvary Chapel Youth ministry is the arm of ministry at CCS that reaches out specifically to young people of Jr. and High School age. At Calvary Chapel we desire youth of all backgrounds to become followers of Christ. Our prayer is that through the study of the life and teachings of Jesus, young people will come to Christ and experience a relationship with God knowing Him personally. We seek to accomplish this through bible study, prayer, and discussion. We desire to encourage those youth who have a relationship with Christ to grow in their faith in God and love for others.

Bible Study

Our hope is that young people will become grounded in God’s word so that He becomes the foundation and inspiration of their lives. Verse by verse study through the gospels and epistles are the emphasis of our Sunday mornings together. During the worship service in the main assembly at the offering the youth are typically dismissed into their own classroom. The youth remain in the main assembly at least once a month, typically the first Sunday of the month. Special events and activities are planned on a quarterly basis.


Another aim of CC Youth is to help our students become lifelong worshipers of God. We encourage youth in their creative and practical gifts and give them opportunities to share their talents with the youth group. Also, we encourage them serve where needed during church special events.


The Youth Ministry exists to lead youth to the LORD and see them become disciples of Christ. We desire to give them the opportunity to know Jesus Christ and to love Him for the rest of their lives. We also desire the Youth to form healthy peer relationships that are Christ centered which is why we encourage them to participate in Sunday morning Bible Study and other Youth Ministry activities.